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Pugmark is the online book club for developers.

The online book club for developers

Pugmark helps you in building a habit of reading books in an effective way. You can discuss the things you've learned while reading a book with other developers. Pugmark makes it easier for developers to go from learning to applying knowledge.

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Pugmark is the best place for developers to discuss the books they read. You learn not just from the book, but also from all other readers.

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Log your thoughts in Pugmark to get the most out of books. Make words turn into useful insights.

Become a reader

Let Pugmark help you cultivate the habit of writing notes. Really engage with the books that you read to become a better reader.

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Write clean and maintainable code.


Design your applications and organization.


Grow to the best version of yourself.


Keep track of the books you're reading

Add and organize your notes

Track and build your reading habits

Discuss what you learned with others

Discover what others are reading and learning

Frequently asked questions

If your question is not listed here, feel free to contact us at

+ How do I get my books?
You order them however you want. We'll send you which books we think are interesting for you, but you can decide how to get them.
+ What does it cost to join Pugmark?
Pugmark is completely free. We might change that in the future, by signing up now you will secure access to all features we have now for free.
+ How is pugmark different from websites such as Goodreads?
Pugmark is there to help you learn more from the books you read. This is different from other websites that offer a catalog of books and book reviews. With pugmark, you'll get the most value out of the books that you pick.
+ The book I want to read is not listed, how can I add it?
You can request for us to add it. You can do this in pugmark when adding a book, or by mailing your request to us at We'll let you know as soon as it's there!
+ Do you support taking notes from e-readers?
Not yet. We are planning to add support for taking notes from the major e-reader devices.
+ How can I sign up for Pugmark?
Currently, we only support signing up with Github. We only use your name and email address information from Github. If you would like us to introduce another way of signing up, please let us know via

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